PREBIO, Natural Gut Health Support

PREBIO, Fibers to support management of healthy gut microbiome, 10 gram sachet, 30 sachets per box


Organic fibers to support gut health, diabetes and diabetes complication support food, reduce blood glucose, diabetes management, herbs to provide gut bacteria.
Organic fibers to support gut health, diabetes and diabetes complication support food, reduce blood glucose, diabetes management, herbs to provide gut bacteria.


  • All in one blend of plant fibers to support the balance of the gut microbiome and overall gut health with healthy fibers.
  • PREBIO is a custom blend of organic prebiotic fibers. Prebiotics can encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria already in your gut and can also aid in growth and maintenance of these bacteria.
  • PEBIO is formulated with a variety of prebiotics plant fibers from diverse sources because different beneficial bacteria prefer different prebiotics in order to thrive.
  • Good bacteria support helps in regulating blood glucose as well as other related complications.
  • When taken as a food supplement, PREBIO, support good bacteria and provide good health. With supplementation, blood glucose is normalized and provides support to improve diabetes complications. PREBIO Natural Sugar Control has Zero Additives & Preservatives and is 100% Sugar-Free. It is Easy-to-Consume and can be mixed with any food or beverage you love. It dissolves easily with sweet taste and flavour thus fitting into your regular diet effortlessly.


Diabetes, diabetes complications, diabetes food, gut health food supplement. Boost better gut bacteria

For best results take sachet and add  100 ml of warm water. Soak with water for 5 minutes and consume the content comfortably.

Key Ingredients

Fructooligosaccharide (FOS), Mannooligosaccharide (MOS), Oat fibers, Inulin, Inositol, Wheat Grass fiber,  Millet fibers, Flex seed extract, Artichoke extract, Raw banana fiber, Barley fiber, Beet root fiber, Carrot fiber, Moringa leaf fiber, Rice bran fiber (Arabinoxylan), Green jackfruit fiber


If you are pregnant, nursing, consult your healthcare practitioners before using.


What is PREBIO? PREBIO is a unique combination of fibers from plant source blended for support of gut healthy bacteria. PREBIO helps to reduce blood glucose and manage better diabetes complications. How PREBIO is different from other products? Formulation is designed to improve gut health as well as build better microbiome of your gut. Unique combination of organic fibers and herbs provide not only grow healthy bacteria to multiply but also reduce blood glucose and provide better gut immune health. It is modern research based product which is developed from our ancient Ayurvedic knowledge. Is it safe to use PREBIO? PREBIO is safe to use. It is 100% herbal and provides benefits of ancient Ayurveda and helps to grow healthy bacteria. When should we take PREBIO? As a prophylactic 1 sachet daily. For diabetes 1 sachet twice daily.   What are major symptoms of gut problem due to bad bacteria ? People with unhealthy bacteria generally develop signs and symptoms, including mild bloating, acidity, burning sensation, constipation and sometime diarrhoea. Most people have irregular food intake and unhealthy food which leads to unhealthy bacteria growth in their gut. How severe is the gut bacteria problems? Most people with bad bacteria will experience mild to moderate stomach illness and recover without requiring special treatment if change to healthy diet. Older people and those with underlying medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and immunity problems, the prebiotics fibers and healthy food will help to improve health conditions. Is diarrhoea a symptom of the bad gut health? The most common symptoms of bad bacteria is not always diarrhoea but it can be bloating, acidity and constipation. Sometime high dose of antibiotics kill good bacteria and change of bad bacteria to grow. Prebiotics organic fibers help to support to grow good bacteria and develop good gut health. Who is most at risk for the diabetes and diabetes complications? People of all ages can be diabetes and diabetes complications. Older people and people with pre-existing unhealthy food habits will develop diabetes and later diabetes complications. How does the PREBIO helps to diabetes patients? The new PREBIO combinations of organic fibers and herbal extracts help to reduce blood glucose and related complications. These fibers help to grow health bacteria and set up a healthy microbiota of your gut.