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Why Choose Us Quality Standard and Science based Alternate Medicine


Our proprietary formulations based on sound understanding of disease immunopathology and applying cutting-edge knowledge for the management of infectious and chronic disease conditions. Herbal solutions are an attractive alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and are gaining lot of prominence in treating chronic conditions due to lack of their side effects and their holistic effect in managing these ailments. At Zealous health, we developed unique proprietary products based on extensive understanding of the disease biology and application of cutting-edge immunological knowledge for solving the complex immune-mediated chronic disorders. We pioneered the art of formulation design that results in long term resolution of diseases by targeting multiple pathways of disease progression. Zealous Health is a unique entity in the market in developing holistic herbal indigenous solutions with a blend of advanced scientific research.

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Zealous Health caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world


Our commitment is to make life better. We will make a significant contribution to humanity by improving global health.


Providing meaningful solutions for human diseases.