GLOVERA, advanced gel, skin soothing & fairness DAY CREAM, (100 g)

Advanced alovera gel with anti-aging formula


GLOVERA is a topical advanced skin whitening cream which inhibit melanin synthesis and provide skin fair complexion. Antioxidants of unique herbs protect skin from oxidative stress and rejuvenate skin. Essential oils helps in maintaining skin tonicity make skin glow. Skin fairness and whitening gel. Advanced herbal antioxidants. Rare herbal extracts combination helps for skin tonicity and glowness. For Skin Toning, Softening & Smoothening, Tan Removal, Anti-aging, Skin Brightening, Radiance & Glow Day cream, Antioxidant gel, Skin tonicity, Skin fairness gel, Advanced glowing gel


Advanced alovera gel, soothing gel with pleasant fragrance with anti-aging formula


Aloe Vera gel, Herbal anti-oixidant extracts for skin whitening