Customer Testimonials

My son recommended to use GASTREZZ for a month. I started two times daily and found improvement in 15 days. My acidity and gas problem was solved. I am taking this medicine since four months. I left this medicine after two months. I have started problem again and now I continued to take this medicine for more time. This medicine is good but my constipation problem is occasional and need improvement.
Rajesh Rathi
My friend suggested to use PROMOHEMIZ for improvement of blood count. I have taken 1 tablet a day for two months. First month my hemoglobulin was 10.6 and second months was 11.5. I am surprised to see such a significant improvement by using this herbal medicine. I feel more energetic and thanks to Zealous Health for making such a wonderful medicine for difficult cases like me.
Pankaj Garg
Senior Army Officer
I had bone pain and doctor said you can use only calcium supplement. There was not any significant change in my condition while I was using calcium supplement. My husband suggested to use CALCINANO for a month. I used two weeks one tablet every day and experienced tremendous improvement in my bone pain. I consulted my doctor and he suggested to continue. After a month, I am taking every alternate day and found, I have no pain in my bone. I feel more energetic and no difficulty to go for a walk. Great product indeed.
Vineeta Goel
House wife
I had several pimples in my face which were not going with any cream and lotion. I got to know about CURE D ACNE from my friend. I thought this might be same as other. I tried on my face. It was little itchy to my pimples. I used once daily at night sleep. I found my pimples are gone within a week. I stop using but it came back again. My friend told to use it for at least a month. Now I am using for 6 weeks I found my all pimples are gone and I have no scar on my face. I am happy to use this product.
I was suffering from fungal infection at my lower shank of right leg for one year. Doctors prescribed me allopathic medicine. But even after four months there was no treatment effects in affected area and was feeling lethargic after taking medicines. After internet searching I got ERAZE for the treatment of fungal infection. I used this product for 20 days on my affected area. Now black spots of fungus got vanished. Many many thanks to Zealous Health for making such as good antifungal cream.
Ajay Singh
Business man
I had scaling and itching problem in my head. I felt very embarrassed when I used to meet someone. I have tried several cream to remove this but none was working. My colleague suggested to take TREGULATE twice daily and apply PSORION for two months. I started taking from two months and I found my scaling problem has gone drastically, my itching is totally cured. I found little bit dark color at my neck area. I am a happy patient of Psoriasis which strongly feel herbal medicine can work for tough disease like Psoriasis.
Ramkrishna Reddy
Marketing Professional
I was worried for my hair loss and nothing was working. I tried shampoo, hair oil and vitamin supplements. But I found they were not effective. I found new hair serum product -ANAGEN Z, which looks promising and scientific. I tried for two months by now. I can surely say that it works as it stops hair fall within 1 week after regular application. I found my hair are thick and healthy now. This product does not say about new hair coming at my smooth scalp and I found it is true but at least I saved my hair.
Lokesh Mahi
IT Professional
I was suffering from huge hair fall. I used several products to prevent my hair loss but no one worked well. Somehow I came across Anagen Z. I have been using this product for the past three months and I am surprised by the results of this product. My hair fall completely stopped within a week and my hair got thicker than previous. Now my hair appearance is better than before. Of course, Anagen Z is a best product in market. I thank Zealous who has made this product possible.
Arvind Kumar Singh
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