Ultra Vitamin

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Offers immune support, increased energy and mental alertness.

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Multivitamins and minerals are used to provide substances that are not taken in through the diet. Multivitamins and minerals are also used to treat vitamin or mineral deficiencies caused by illness, pregnancy, poor nutrition, digestive disorders, certain medications, and many other conditions. Ultra Vitamin contains essential vitamin & minerals in an advanced formula. Enrich your diet with high-quality vitamins & minerals. Energize and supercharge your activities. Offers immune support, increased energy and mental alertness by providing your body with all it needs. It supports heart health, bones, nervous & hormones system. Our blend of essential vitamins and minerals is believed to support nutritional balance, promote optimal health and boost energy.

Formulation: 500mg, Tablet

Pack Size: 30 tablets/bottle


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Daily supplementation with a broad range of vitamins and minerals can provide nutritional insurance by helping to provide an optimum intake for the maintenance of good health.


One tablet daily or as directed by healthcare professionals.

Key Ingredients

Sodium Selenate 0.037 mg, Magnesium chloride 180.0 mg, Zinc chloride 10.4 mg, Ferric fumerate 72.7 mg, Potassium Iodide 0.3 mg,Manganese chloride 11.4 mg, Cromium chloride 0.1 mg, Copper suphate 3.0 mg, Sodium molybdate 0.1 mg, Sodium borate 3.7 mg, Vitamin A 0.3 mg, Beta Carotene 1.5 mg,Vitamin D 0.01 mg, Vitamin E 25 mg, Vitamin K 0.07 mg, Vitamin C 50 mg, Thiamine, B1 1 mg, Riboflavin, B2 1.5 mg, Niacin, B3 2 mg, Nicotinamide, B5 5 mg, Pyridoxone, B6 15 mg, Vitamin B12 0.003 mg,Pantothenic acid 5 mg,Biotin 30 mg, Folic acid 0.5 mg,Inositol 25 mg, Alpha Lipoic acid 5 mg


Safe to use for children and adults. No side effects and allergies.


Ultra vit-min

ULTRA VIT-MIN is complete dietary supplements which is required by our body as daily need.
Taking ULTRA VIT-MIN helps bridge nutritional gaps for those whose diets does not meet the recommended dietary allowance.
A vitamin and mineral supplement provides a variety of nutrients that are also found in food. But our food can not provide all essential supplements on a daily basis. ULTRA VIT-MIN is FDA advised dietary supplement and provide complete daily requirement of vitamin and minerals.
Vitamin/mineral supplements or fortified foods may be useful for providing nutrients that may otherwise be eaten in less than recommended amounts. If you are already eating the recommended amount of a nutrient, you may not get any further health benefit from taking a supplement.
Vitamin and mineral supplements usually offer supplementation of nutrients. With the proper recommended doses, these supplements will not be toxic.
Supplements May Help. While diet is the key to getting the best vitamins and minerals, supplements can help. ... “Therefore, many nutritionists will agree that a supplement is OK if nutrient needs are not being met by a healthy food-based diet.”
Magnesium is another electrolyte mineral that is involved in proper muscle function, plus over 300 other reactions in the body. It works along with potassium to support proper muscle function. Magnesium is essential to muscle relaxation. It activates the sodium-potassium pump to bring potassium back into the cells.
As vitamins are important for keeping your body healthy, not getting enough can cause problems. However, this only happens when you have very low levels of vitamins in your body – known as a deficiency. Sometimes supplements are used to bring vitamin levels up to normal if you have a deficiency.
Vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Your body only needs a small amount of vitamins and minerals every day. A varied diet generally provides enough of each vitamin and mineral. However, some people may need supplements to correct deficiencies of particular vitamins or minerals.
A mineral deficiency occurs when your body doesn't obtain or absorb the required amount of a mineral. Mineral deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems, such as weak bones, fatigue, or a decreased immune system.
Essential vitamins and minerals need to be replenished on daily basis.

2 reviews for Ultra Vitamin

  1. Harendra Pratap

    I was searching for good vitamin and mineral supplement which is complete in nutritional value. I found Ultra Vit-Min which is complete in nutritional value and FDA advised for daily need. I am taking one tablet every day from more than three months. I feel energetic and does not require any other supplement. I am happy to find a complete Vitamin and Mineral supplement.

  2. Rajan Vasudev

    I was looking for good product for vitamin and mineral supplement. I found several products but all are confusing to me. When I came ot know about ULTRA VIT-MIN, I am satisfied as it describes about FDA advised vitamin and minerals daily supplements. I searched also and found it is true, the dose and compositions are amazing. I am taking 1 tablet every day. I feel very good and found a good product. I appreciate Zealous Health to help me for my daily supplement.

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