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  • 100% natural, sugar free sweetener.
  • It contains zero calories and is KETO friendly and a perfect alternative to sugar for all weight watchers.
  • It’s free from harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners and is SAFE for the long term daily consumption.
  • It is a perfect sugar substitute for diabetics as it does not have any impact on blood sugar levels.
  • 2-4 drops can sweeten a cup of tea. Each bottle contains approx. 400 drops. So one bottle can sweeten 100-200 cups of tea approximately.

Organic sugar free sweetener, diabetes and diabetes complication support food, reduce blood glucose, diabetes management.


Diabetes, diabetes complications, diabetes food, gut health food supplement.

2-4 drops can sweeten a cup of tea


Try not to use excessive drops. It might taste bitter.



SUGAR FREE SWEETNER is a Neotame, artificial sweetener. It is FDA approved protein which provide sweet taste as cane sugar but not providing any Glucose.

How SUGAR FREE SWEETNER is different from other products?

Formulation is designed to improve gut health as well as build better control of blood Glucose. Unique protein called Neotame is a protein molecule and taste better and provide please as like sugar.

Is it safe to use SUGAR FREE SWEETNER?

SUGAR FREE SWEETNER is safe to use. It is FDA and FSSAI approved artificial sweetener.

When should we take SUGAR FREE SWEETNER?

As per your required sweetener to your feed, tea and other beverage.

1 review for SUGAR FREE SWEETENER, Natural

  1. Mohan Singh

    Very good sweet taste for my daily tea. No sugar, amazing taste.

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