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Helps in improving poor breathing, chronic coughing, respiratory problems due to fibrosis.


RESPIRON is a herbal formulation for lung fibrosis, breathing problems due to COPD, emphysema and chronic coughing, chronic coughing, poor breathing, dry hacking cough. Unique combination of herbs helps in improving poor breathing, chronic coughing, respiratory problems due to fibrosis, emphysema and provide easy breathing.

Formulation: 500mg, Tablet

Pack Size: 30 tablets/bottle


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Lung fibrosis, Emphysema, poor breathing, chronic coughing, shortening and breathing problems, chronic and dry hacking cough, respiratory problems due to fibrosis, COPD


1 tablet morning 30 minutes before meal and 1 tablet night before bed time

Key Ingredients

Punica granatam Linn,Centella asiatica ,Glycyrrhiza glabra ,Silybum marianum ,Ginkgo biobla,Curcuma longa ,Terminalia Arjuna


Safe to use for children and adults. No side effects and allergies.



RESPIRON is a healthy lung function formula which helps to relieve chronic lung fibrosis related poor breathing, dry hacking coughing and emphysema.
Formulation is designed to normalize lung functions at molecular level which reduces lung fibrosis. Active principle of unique herbs helps to alleviate lung problems which helps patients to breath well.
It depends upon patient disease conditions, it normally takes four weeks to observe sign of improvements.
It is difficult to cure pulmonary fibrosis but treatments and therapies are improving all the time. Herbal formulation improves patient conditions with no side effects. Herbal treatment can help slow down the progression of the disease.
Fatigue (tiredness) and disturbed sleep are common as lung disease progresses. Fatigue may be due to a combination of anxiety, depression, poor sleep and low calorie intake. Lack of sleep may also be caused by symptoms, such as breathlessness, pain and coughing, which disturbs sleep.
Signs and symptoms of pulmonary fibrosis may include: Shortness of breath (dyspnea) A dry cough. Fatigue.
Pulmonary fibrosis is a progressive disease that naturally gets worse over time. This worsening is related to the amount of fibrosis (scarring) in the lungs. As this occurs, a person's breathing becomes more difficult, eventually resulting in shortness of breath, even at rest. Herbal treatment can slow down progression of lung fibrosis and relief from symptoms.
Follow these tips to lower your risk of getting the disease: avoid smoking. avoid secondhand smoke. wear a face mask or other breathing device if you work in an environment with harmful chemicals.
Fatigue, sometimes described as overwhelming tiredness or physical malaise, is a common symptom of pulmonary fibrosis (PF) patients. Generally, fatigue is characterized by a lack of energy that does not improve after rest or normally sufficient amounts of sleep.

3 reviews for Respiron

  1. Sakshi Munnar

    I had problem in my daily work and I used to get respiratory problem when I go for morning walk. My doctor suggested to take medicine which get me so much lethargy. I don’t feel like working at home and take rest. My son suggested to take herbal medicine. I started taking from 4 months by now. I feel energetic, I can walk for three kilometers in my morning walk. I do my household work better now. Thanks to Zealous health for providing me such a good medicine.

  2. Meenakshi Nair

    My doctor said to me to take rest and go for breathing exercise. I had been advised for taking steroid for therapy. My son-in-law suggested to use new herbal medicine. He gave me RESPIRON and asked to take twice daily. I have been taking from three months. I am happy to say that I am free from steroid tablet. I am surprised to see that I can walk more than three kilometers. I was not able to walk for few meters before. I have deep breadth and good feeling. I found this medicine made me confident and I am feeling healthy.

  3. Mohit Tiwari

    My father is taking this medicine everyday from six months. I am happy that his cough has been reduced.

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