DIBIO & PREBIO combo pack for Best diabetes management


Herbal formulation for diabetes, diabetes and diabetes complication support from herbs, reduce blood glucose, diabetes management, healthy herbs to provide blood glucose management.

Organic fibers to support gut health, diabetes and diabetes complication support food, reduce blood glucose, diabetes management, herbs to provide gut bacteria.

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  • Diabetes is a lifestyle disorder which can be managed with proper nutrition, exercise and health supplements.
  • DIBIO contains combination of herbal active principles from selected herbs which helps to improve diabetes and diabetes complication.
  • DIBIO helps to boosts body defense system to protect vital organs like heart, kidneys, eyes, brain and
  • DIBIO helps to nourish and strengthen vital organs by supplementing various phytonutrients and reducing oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
  •  DIBIO is suitable to control blood sugar for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes people.
  • DIBIO is a unique herbal supplement that has a blend of individualistic herbs that supports healthy blood sugar level and promotes glucose utilization.
  • DIBIO not only improves insulin sensitivity but also helps in beta cell regeneration for improving insulin secretion.
  • Formulation is delivered with Phytosomes technology for better absorption.
  • PREBIO is a custom blend of organic prebiotic fibers. Prebiotics can encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria already in your gut and can also aid in growth and maintenance of these bacteria.
  • PEBIO is formulated with a variety of prebiotics plant fibers from diverse sources because different beneficial bacteria prefer different prebiotics in order to thrive.
  • Good bacteria support helps in regulating blood glucose as well as other related complications.
  • When taken as a food supplement, PREBIO, support good bacteria and provide good health. With supplementation, blood glucose is normalized and provides support to improve high blood glucose complications. PREBIO Natural Sugar Control has Zero Additives & Preservatives and is 100% Sugar-Free. It is Easy-to-Consume and can be mixed with any food or beverage you love. It dissolves easily with sweet taste and flavour thus fitting into your regular diet effortlessly.


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