CALCINANO, Osteoporosis, bone pain, calcium supplement, 30 tablets


CALCINANO is a herbal tablet for  Osteoporosis, fractured bone, bone health for children and elders.

CALCINANO provides organic calcium from herbal source along with Zinc, vitamin D3 for healthy bone naturally. This is calcium tablet proven for effective in osteoporosis which helps restore bone health nd it is a supplement for fractured bone. Unique herbs helps in improving osteoblast cells health of your bone which helps in direct deposition of calcium hydroxyapatite to bone and helps faster recovery from bone related pain and work as osteoporotic medicine. CALCI NANO is a unique form of Calcium that is immediately absorbed into the cell when taken. This is achieved by its revolutionary formulation and delivery system. Calcium and Vitamin D3 improves bone mass and restore bone health which is clinically proven to be highly bioavailable form of calcium ensure fast acting results.


CALCINANO provides organic form of calcium which helps in better absorption, utilization of calcium along with phosphorus and enhanced deposition to bones. CALCINANO stabilizes RunX2, decrease osteoprotegrin /RANK ligand ratio and promote osteoblasts growth, inhibit osteoclastogenesis and to stimulate osteogenic activity of osteoblastic cells.  Unique herbal active principles also improve bone healing by increased regeneration of chondroblasts, osteoblasts, and fibroblasts. It also prevents deteriorative changes of bones due to hormonal changes after menopause.   CALCINANO arrests the progress of disease and prevents further deterioration of disease conditions and improves quality of life.

  • Bone health herbal medicine
  • Calcium supplement, for osteoporosis, bone healing
  • Calcium tablet for old age, pregnant lady and children
  • Organic form of Calcium for better Calcium absorption
  • Improve osteoblastogenesis
  • Effective & safe to use.


For the prevention and management of:

  • Osteoporosis and bone loss
  • Bone growth for children and adults
  • Improve bone healing
  • Relief from bone pain due to osteoporosis
  • Reduce pre and post menopausal bone loss


Cissus quadrangularis, Moringa oliefera,Astragalus membranaceus, Curcuma longa, Terminalia arjuna, Boswellia serreta, Withenia somnifera, Vitamin D3,  Excipients and preservative- q.s.


One to two tablet morning 30 minutes before meal, once daily


Safe to use for children and adults. No side effects and allergies. No acidity from this calcium supplement.


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