SANJEEVANI, optimum immunity booster for immuno-compromised patients after chemotherapy or radiation therapy

Herbal formulation for immunocompromised management, immune support from herbs, improves from patients undergone for chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

  • Our immune system is comprised of an army of white blood cells, NK cells, T and B cells which travel around destroying the millions of intruding microbes that penetrate our bodies every day, as well as the thousands of newly infected or abnormal body cells that develop.
  • Sanjeevani improves cancer microenvironment and cease cancer cell growth. It also induces innate immune system to control cancer growth.
  • Sanjeevani is a unique blend of herbal revolutionary formulation delivered with Phytosomes technology for better absorption. The formulation is good for immuno-compromised persons including patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.
  • Formulation is designed to boost immune systems including NK cells, T & B cells and Macrophages for better managing cancer cells. It improves immune system by activating TH1 & TH17 cells and reduces Treg cell population.
  • Combination of herbal active principles and Arabinoxylans and beta glucans from fermented rice bran helps natural immunity including activation of NK cells and macrophages and improve overall patient’s outcome.


Cancer management, cancer complications, promotes immune system for cancer fight, improving immune health, normalize cancer microenvironment for controlling abnormal cell growth

Suggested usage

One tablet twice daily preferably with meals or as directed by a healthcare professional

Key Ingredients

Curcumin, Cordyceps sinensis extract, Withania somnifera extract, Beta glucan, Panax Ginseng extract , Scutellaria baicalensis extract, Astragalus gummifer extract, Berberis aristata extract, Isoflavone, Prunus armeniaca extract, Tinospora cardifolia extract, Piper longum extract, Fermented rice bran (Arabinoxylan)


Consult your health care professional if you are taking medication to cancer treatment or chemotherapy and radiation therapy.



SANJEEVANI is a unique combination of herbal extracts blends. SANJEEVANI helps to reduce abnormal cell growth and its complications. SANJEEVANI may help controlling and normalizing abnormal cell growth and by natural immune system activation and correcting cancer tissue microenvironment.

How SANJEEVANI is different from other products?

Selected herbs are designed to improve immune system and cellular microenvironment. Unique combination of herbal active principles helps to achieve better immunity to control abnormal cancer growth. This, in turn, improves immune system after chemotherapy and radiation therapy. SANJEEVANI works by rejuvenating the immunity for better control of abnormal growth of cancer cells. It also improves cancer cell microenvironment and reduces cancer growth.

Is it safe to use SANJEEVANI?

SANJEEVANI is safe to use. It is 100% natural and organic herbs and provides benefits of science and helps to improve innate immunity.

When should we take SANJEEVANI?

One tablet two to four times daily with water after meal, or as suggested by healthcare professional.

How would you know you have cancer?

Changes to your body’s normal processes or unusual, unexplained symptoms can sometimes be an early sign of cancer. Symptoms that need to be checked by a doctor include: a lump that suddenly appears on your body, unexplained bleeding.

 Can you feel cancer in your body?

Many cancers can be felt through the skin. These cancers occur mostly in the breast, testicle, lymph nodes (glands), and the soft tissues of the body. A lump or thickening may be an early or late sign of cancer and should be reported to a doctor, especially if you’ve just found it or notice it has grown in size.

Can cancer go away?

Cancer is an abnormal cellular growth which creates abnormal tissue microenvironment for support of abnormal growth and immunosuppressive conditions. If the condition is reversed by rare herbs and change in lifestyle, cancer growth can be tamed to improve patient outcome.

How does the SANJEEVANI help to cancer patients?

The new SANJEEVANI combination of herbal extracts help to improve immunity as well as cancer conditions. SANJEEVANI helps to restore immune system after chemotherapy and radiation therapy.