12 Impressive Home Remedies to Cure Psoriasis

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Globally 125 million people are suffering from psoriasis. In fact, nobody doesn’t know what is the effective treatment to cure psoriasis and best home ingredients for psoriasis. But home remedies naturally help to cure your psoriasis symptoms. Here we have mentioned a few home remedies, which have the ability to stop psoriasis symptoms. First to get more information about psoriasis and symptoms of psoriasis and then to proceed how will go for treatment by using herbal medicines.

Psoriasis: It is a common skin disorder thus make your skin into dry, red and scaly patches. In this situation, your skin cells will grow 10 times faster than normal condition and mostly it will appear on your elbows, scalps, Knees and lower back. Let us look into the symptoms of psoriasis before we suggest you the best home remedy for Psoriasis.

Skin will become with red patches

  • Itching and burning sensations
  • Dry Skin that may crack and bleed
  • Small scaling spots
  • Nail pitting and nail separation
  • Painful, swollen joints.

12 Amazing  Home Remedies For Your Psoriasis:

These are the 12 home remedies to cure psoriasis.

#1 Aloe Vera

Aloe vera-natural-remedy-for-psoriasis


Aloe Vera helps to reduce psoriasis skin patches and improve skin hydration. It has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties thus useful to manage psoriasis symptoms and soothe the skin from plaque psoriasis on your feet. In addition that aloe vera protects from sun infections and itching sensations.

#2  Turmeric


Turmeric plays an important role in cooking and skin disorders. It contains powerful antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Turmeric plays a major role to reduce the symptoms of plaque psoriasis. It protects the skin from scaly and inflamed. Daily using turmeric in your food also may help to relief from scalp psoriasis.

#3 Neem Oil


For so many skin diseases, people would like to use neem for instant relief. At the same time, neem oil cures your psoriasis symptoms also. Neem oil helps to reduce redness of the scaly patches and itching of the scalp psoriasis.

#4 Tea Tree Oil


Tea tree oil provides relief from scalp and plaque psoriasis. Tea tree oil is a natural remedy to cure psoriasis. Tea tree oil contains antifungal and antiseptic qualities. It helps to clean the affected area and renew the damaged skin cells. Tea tree oil can reduce fungal infections of nails and feet.

#5 Fish Oil

fish-oil-can-cure-psoriasisFish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids so it helps to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. Fish oil is the best topical applicant to treat affected areas of your psoriasis skin. Furthermore, fish oil also available in supplements. These supplements are the best medicine for plaque psoriasis in India.

#6 Avocado

avocado on a dark wood background

Avocado contains antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids so it helps to fight with inflammation caused by plaque psoriasis. Applying avocado oil on affected areas to give relief from psoriasis symptoms. Avocado helps to regulate your metabolism also. The mixture of avocado and olive oil is the best home remedy for scalp psoriasis.

#7 Jasmine Flower Paste


The paste of Jasmin flower is the best remedy to treat psoriasis symptoms. It helps to reduce the allergy and inflammation caused by psoriasis. Jasmine oil provides immediate relief from itching and reduces psoriasis from the scalp. It is the best scalp psoriasis treatment in ayurvedic.

#8 Oats


Applying an oat paste helps to relieve your itching and reduce redness of your skin. It has omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that are healthy for your skin. Oatmeal helps to reduce your skin swelling also. Taking oatmeal is the best psoriasis treatment at home.

#9 Cabbagehome remedy-cabbage-psoriasis

Cabbage is high in vitamin C and K. It helps to reduce your scaling skin. Cabbages are available in 3 different colours. They are green, purple and white. These 3 types help to reduce your psoriasis symptoms naturally. Additionally, cabbage is an excellent choice for your heart health and digestive system.

#10 Blueberries

blueberries-herbal remedy-for-psoriasis

Blueberries have anti-inflammatory qualities so it helps to reduce the swelling caused by psoriasis. They contain fiber and manganese so it supports bone health also. Blueberry juice help to reduce oxidative stress and DNA damage in your body. In fact, blueberries improve your memory and insulin sensitivity.

#11 Capsaicin

capsaicin-can-cure-psoriasisCapsaicin is a kitchen ingredient that makes you spicy. Capsaicin gives a burning sensation to sensitive skin. It’s not a suitable remedy to everyone but capsaicin based ointments and creams help you to relief from psoriasis symptoms and scaling.

#12 The Dead Sea Salt


Add dead sea salt in your bath water to get relief from psoriasis itching and pain. Epsom salt is a wonderful treatment to cure scalp psoriasis. It contains so many minerals so these minerals help to improve the appearance of the skin. Dead sea salt can provide long last moisturizing and improve blood circulation.

Conclusion: In this article, we discussed amazing home remedies for your psoriasis. They contain antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These are some of the home remedies naturally protect your skin from plaque, scaly and inflamed.

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