About Us

Zealous Health is an emerging innovation driven company developed by visionary drug discovery pharmaceutical scientists with decades of cutting-edge global research experience in multiple multi-disciplinary disease biology. From inception the Company has played a leading role in utilizing the tools of modern science to create world class Herbal products that are manufactured with highest quality standards.

We focus not only on selection of herbal to offer holistic or care solutions, but amalgamating the use of knowledge, expertise, and experience in developing perfect formulation and using those methods that matter the most.

Zealous Health brings enriched research experience from Zealous Therapeutics Lte, Singapore for different human diseases. With a vast experience of immunological and infectious disease experience research team is dedicated to deliver innovative solutions which can provide best in class products.

Our Vision:
Our aim is to offer people with the essence of traditional Herbs and with a touch of technology through never ending research. Thus we strive hard in developing herbal products which are safe and natural.

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